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ACS is Assistant de Configuration du Site, a site configuration graphic user interface.

It’s a Spip plugin. Something added to Spip software to add new functionnalities.

Interface d'ACS

With ACS, the webmaster can easily set styles and functionnalities in the "ecrire" part of Spip website without any programming or file editing.
ACS websites pages includes fully customizable elementary components. Customization needs only some few clicks.

- For projects managers, ACS simplify threads sharing between developers, webmasters, and webdesigners.

- For developers, ACS provide a programming interface (API) to create new components and/or include available components to their Spip’s skeletons [1].

- For web-designers, ACS helps to apply quickly the desired graphical scheme, independently from skeletons developers.


Install plugin, and then choose sub-menu "Configure website" in Configuration menu.

Activate and configure desired ACS components that suits for your site.

ACS is now installed, activated, and configured. If required, you can empty Spip’s cache to get all your pages take in account changes immediately.

Administration interface

On all pages, left block provide help and more detailed informations.


All pages, formulaires, modeles, and inclusions of active Spip skeleton, with Ajax display of structure or colorized source code.



To configure active ACS model components.

Interface d'ACS


ACS model choice, ACS access rights administration, and Spip’s website private area access rights.


[1A Spip website page add content (e.g. an article) in a container. A page skeleton (template) often contain repetitive elements, like a banner or a navigation menu

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ACS, c’est l’Assistant de Configuration du Site.
C’est un plugin Spip : un module ajouté au logiciel Spip pour ajouter de nouvelles possibilités.
Le style et la présentation des sites ACS sont paramétrables par le webmestre depuis l’espace "ecrire" de Spip, sans programmation ni édition de fichiers.
Les pages des sites ACS intègrent des  ... suite
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