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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequently asked questions, and answers.

- ACS ? Start here.

- Does ACS modify Spip ? No: ACS do NOT operate any core override, and work only with standard Spip API entry points. Compatibility with future releases is ensured until Spip API remain stable.

- Which Spip version are compatibles ? Alls since 1.9.2c to 2.0.9.

- Which Spip version is the best choice ? The latest !

- How to backup ? Yours personalized images and parameters are automatically backed up in a classical Spip backup (Backup of IMG directory and of database).

- I’ve just installed ACS. I activate model "Cat" and my panes are all called "onglets" ! Go to Onglets component, and validate. It’s enough to activate default values and panes translations.

- And if there is still no response ? Write your question here: it’ll be your contribution to future improvements.

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